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So what is in Atomic Bloomz ?

Atomic Bloomz is a proprietary plant supplement for trophy , hobby and commercial growers  of all types . The best of both worlds! The only chelated formula of Auxin’s, cytokines and triconinal growth hormone stack. Along with supportive full line of b vitamins, micro-nutrients, iron, copper, boron, fulvic acid, silica, proteins and carbohydrates. All in correct balance for maximum flower/fruit and resin/oil production. Just as athletes use hormones stacked with other hormones to develop size , strength and endurance.  Those athletes using hormones are also eating and supplementing with vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates to maximize the effects of those hormones. Plants are not much different. In fact plants have their own hormones to regulate growth through out it’s life. At different stages in a plants life the levels of the 13 basic plant growth regulators are different. So just by boosting one you will only shift energy into that one system . Weather it be root auxin’s or cytokins for shooting . The levels change through out a plants stages of life.

After many years of privately funded research and development. We have found the key to maximizing flower and oil production in flowering plants. Through stacking all the right hormones in the proper levels to signal the plant to produce the maximum within the plants genetic limits. By using  Atomic Bloomz from veg through flower it conditions, builds and prepares the plant for it’s ultimate goals .

Our research team compiled mountains of data related to the flowering stages of seedless and seeded plants. When growing seedless the plants hormone levels are different from a seed bearing plant. So after our team figured out which and what hormones ,vitamins,  minerals, proteins and carbohydrates levels were on average during the last 4 weeks leading up to maximum maturity . We started to raise all of those levels evenly to the optimum ppm levels with our supplement. To work throughout the growth cycle by using Atomic Bloomz at different levels at different growth stages. Our results are unmatched by any other product or combination of products on the market today. Our constant research and development will insure that Atomic Bloomz will always be light years ahead of the competition.